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Best women’s soccer cleats reviews

What to look for in the ideal women’s soccer shoes

The triumph of the United Sates Women’s soccer team at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup has led to a renewed interest in women’s soccer. Women and girls across the country thinking about taking up soccer are sometimes confused by the wide variety of cleats available, but they should take their time and choose wisely if they hope to get the most out of the beautiful game. Identifying the surface that soccer will be played on is the first step in narrowing down the field. Cleats that provide players with much needed traction on natural grass could cause painful injuries if worn on certain types of synthetic pitch.

Once footwear unsuitable to the preferred playing surface has been eliminated, players should weigh their options based upon their preferred position and style of play. Defenders used to crunching tackles may prefer heavier shoes with more padding, but strikers often insist on lighter shoes to boost their speed and maneuverability. The final choice concerns materials and style. Leather soccer cleats are available in a number of modern and retro looks, and contemporary designs made from the latest composite materials are often offered in eye popping colors. Once the options have been narrowed down to two or three, players may wish to go online to read reviews and comparison shop before making their final decision.


Top 5 best soccer cleats for women

1. Adidas Women’s F5 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance F5 TRX Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleat


Adidas womens soccer cleats are a poular choice for players of all skill levels because they offer innovative designs and quality construction at competitive prices. The F5 features a semi-gloss synthetic upper that is designed to be easy to clean atop a comfortable rubber sole. A TRAXION outsole improves grip on hard surfaces, and the kicking area is kept free of clutter to improve passing and shooting accuracy. Adidas Women’s F5 Firm-Ground Soccer cleats are available online at prices starting below $50.


2. Adidas Women’s Predito Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

adidas - Predator Instinct F


While F5 firm ground soccer cleats from Adidas could hardly be described as conservative, they are shrinking wallflowers compared to the striking Predito Instincts. The Predito Instinct is available in a number of vivid geometric designs inspired by some of the fastest animals found in nature. A high-grip TRAXION outsole and a breathable mesh lining back up the bold styling. Predito Instincts are designed to give pacy forwards and agile midfielders the touch and control they need to perform at their best, and synthetic abrasion-resistant uppers makes it easy to keep these cleats looking good. The Predito Instinct from Adidas is available online for prices about $15 higher than the company’s similar F5.


3. Adidas Women’s F30 Firm Ground Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Women's F30 Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat


The F30 firm ground soccer cleat from Adidas is packed with technology designed to improve performance on harder playing surfaces. A TRAXION outsole and 3D grip provide outstanding traction and secure dribbling even in wet conditions, and the studs are carefully aligned to maximize acceleration. F30 combines the contemporary look of a blue or red foil print under a transparent TPU outsole with the iconic lines of the Adidas three-stripe Adidas. Online prices for the Adidas F30 firm ground soccer cleat start at about $50.


4. Puma Women’s Spirit FG Soccer Cleat

PUMA Men's Spirit Ii Firm Ground Sneaker


The Puma Spirit FG is a prudent choice for women who are looking for a soccer cleat with more traditional styling but are not prepared to sacrifice performance. A soft leather upper, a synthetic injected outsole and a unique midsole combine to provide players with comfort, control and durability. The Spirit FG is light enough for forwards and midfielders, but it will still give defensive players the protection they need. The Puma women’s Spirit FG soccer cleat is available from a variety of online retailers for about $75.


5. Adidas Women’s Predito LZ Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

adidas New Women's P Absolado LZ TRX FG Soccer Cleats Orange/Wht/Purple 5


Adidas shoe designers were thinking about ball control when they drew up the asymmetrical lacing scheme of the Predito LZ. Textured striking zone surfaces provide touch and a TRAXION outsole adds traction and agility. Predito LZs have a synthetic leather upper that is both long lasting and easy to clean, and the tongue and collar are padded for extra comfort. The Predito LZ is available online in White, purple and orange for about $50.


How to choose the best women’s soccer cleats

Choosing the right pair of cleats starts with setting a budget. While prices for high-end styles can sometimes be high, most of the major manufacturers have reasonably priced offerings that are packed with the latest technology. Firm ground soccer cleats are a popular choice for value concision players because they can be worn on many artificial surfaces as well as in games played on firmer natural grass pitches. Many women’s cleats are made of resilient manmade materials that are easy to take care of, but leather uppers are also available for those who prefer more traditional cleats. While leather cleats can last for years, they can take time to properly break in and do require more care.

The best womens soccer cleats reviews guide for 2016The styling of women’s soccer shoes ranges from familiar back and white to bold geometric designs in a dizzying array of colors, and manufacturers consider their styling strategies carefully. Womens Nike soccer cleats are a popular choice for those who like contemporary looks and the latest technology while soccer cleats made by Puma often appeal to those seeking a subtler and more traditional appearance. The way that athletic shoes fit is obviously important, and reviews posted online by players with similar needs can be a valuable resource. The latest soccer cleats for women are based on narrow foot designs arrived upon after years of patient research, and they may provide female players with more control and support than smaller sized men’s soccer cleats. Parents purchasing soccer footwear for children who are still growing may wish to buy cleats with a little extra room, but growing space should be restricted to about the width of a finger to avoid injuries and blisters.


What Should Women Look For In Soccer Cleats?

The first consideration for many women is going to be the primary material that the shoe is made from. Depending on where you live and the kind of weather that you play in, leather soccer cleats may or may not be the right answer for you. Leather will generally provide you with more comfort and a better feel for the ball, but if you play in a lot of wet weather then leather shoes may not be the best pick for you. Synthetic soccer cleats are now more versatile than ever before, and they also have the ability to dry out quicker than leather cleats.

You will also need to determine whether you are in the market for molded or firm ground soccer cleats. This decision will be primarily driven by the type of surface you will be playing soccer on. Both of the aforementioned cleat types have advantages, though molded cleats tend to be the most popular among both men and women.

One additional consideration is going to be size, which often poses a problem for women. In spite of the fact that there are now many brands of soccer cleats for women, you will see that many cleats are sized for men, and that also means that they are going to be wider. For this reason alone, it is usually a good idea for women to try and stick to women’s cleats rather than choosing cleats that are designed for men.


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