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Gheorghe Hagi teams coached

George Hagi was a coach at the following clubs:

  • Politehnica Timișoara (2001-2002): Hagi began his coaching career with Romanian club Politehnica Timișoara.
  • FC Steaua București (2017-2019): Hagi briefly served as head coach of popular Romanian club Steaua Bucharest (later renamed FCSB).
  • Viitorul Constanța (2014-2017 and 2020-2021): Hagi is best known for his tenure as owner and head coach of FC Viitorul Constanța, the club he founded. During this time, the club played a significant role in the development of young Romanian talent.
  • Galatasaray (2019): Hagi had a short stint as head coach of Turkish club Galatasaray.
  • Viitorul Constanta (2014-2020): this was a 6-year adventure with the club Viitorul Konstanca
  • Farul Constanta (2021 – ): George Hagi is currently the coach of Farul Constanța club
  • Romanian national team (2001-2019): Gheorghe Hagi was also involved with the Romanian national team, including coaching youth teams and serving as an advisor.
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