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The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – which will suit you best?

Anyone who plays indoor soccer regularly will tell you that when it comes to soccer gear, the most important thing to get right is the cleats. When deciding on new kicks, a variety of factors can be considered, including the weight, available cushioning, heel support, composition of the strike zone area of the shoe (the spots that make contact with the ball) and, perhaps most importantly, the make up of the studs on the bottom that gives a player traction. It is critical to pick an indoor soccer shoe that offers the right kind of cleat for your particular league and surface you are playing on. For instance, you won’t want metal tipped cleats to play on an indoor rubber surface, and you don’t want to have to return your cool new indoor soccer shoes because they aren’t allowed in the league you play in!

For most casual players, good heel support and stable traction are going to be the most determinant factors in picking the right indoor soccer cleats. For more advanced players, it might be the weight and strike zone composition that are more important. The three brands of cleat reviewed in this article all offer superior quality and options at an affordable price. These boots will satisfy players of any skill level and are our picks for the top cleats of 2014.

Our favorite Indoor Shoes

1. Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC Men’s Soccer Shoes

Unlike some lower tier models, the Nike Phelon has a feeling of quality and durability when you first put it on. The synthetic leather upper provides for excellent striking ability and incredible lift on the ball. For a boot this affordable, the touch and control is on par with much more expensive models. This particular boot is made primarily for indoor play and with these Nike indoor shoes coming in at an amazing 8 oz, strides feel natural and organic. These shoes are so light that it can feel like you aren’t wearing any at all, giving the player a very minimalist experience.

The Nike Hypervenom indoor cleat is considered one of the most technologically advanced cleat series with the anatomical X1.1 last. This refers to the inside shape of the shoe, and in the case of the Hypervenom, the last has a very accommodating forefoot, providing extra room for players with wide feet. It is designed for enhanced agility, giving skilled strikers and attackers the ability to make quick changes of direction on turf. The Hypervenom also has a molded sockliner and built-in heel cup for a secure, snug fit that will significantly reduce cleat pressure. Called the ‘Nike Skin’ technology, this boot has a natural sock-like fit.

2. Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

One of our favorites, the Nike Mercurial for 2014 is made from dimpled synthetic rubber, offering enhanced control when you have to make moves on a dime. The low cut contoured sockliner delivers low profile cushioning and optimum comfort. One stand out feature on the Nike Mercurial indoor soccer shoe is the asymmetric traction stud pattern. The studs are geometrically placed for instant acceleration and quick changes in direction. The texture pattern at the toe provides for superior first-step take off speed and added grip.

Additionally, this men’s indoor soccer shoe has a speed stud at midfoot, enhancing acceleration and support in the high pressure zone for full-speed sprints. Unlike the Hypervenom, the last on this boot is designed more for players with a narrow, flat foot. A light weight shoe at only 8.4 oz, this model will work best on firm, natural surfaces. The IC stands for ‘Indoor Competition’, and that is exactly what this shoe is for. It is a competitors boot in all respects and will give even the most seasoned player superior traction and comfort.

3. Adidas Men’s Predito LZ IN Indoor Soccer Shoe

Considered one of the best soccer shoes for indoor play, these new Adidas cleats have a non-marking gum rubber outsole for incredible grip on an indoor court. Perhaps the most interesting feature is the 3D print on the five lethal strike zones. Raised and contoured, these textured areas of the shoe are designed to give the player increased control with every touch of the ball. This feature reduces any slippage from humid conditions, keeping the ball from sliding off the shoe during a strike.

The Predito is the more cost effective version of the Predator Range series, both offering the 3D contoured strike zones, allowing a skilled player to surgically dissect the competition and keep the ball stuck to foot with unmatched control. This Adidas indoor men’s soccer shoe also offers a soft textile lining and die-cut EVA insole for light weight and comfort. Reviews consistently rank this new Adidas shoe as one of the top in the industry for both amateur and experienced players.

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