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When did david ginola have a heart attack?

David Ginola had a heart attack on May 19, 2016. He fell on the pitch during a match with friends.

Disturbing news arrived from France. While playing football, the former French player had heart problems. Doctors assure that the worst is over.

The famous French winger David Ginola was 49 years old, and yet he was still in great shape. From time to time he could be seen in action in friendly football matches. One of them almost ended tragically.

The 17-time representative of France was in Cannes, where he was invited to a golf tournament. Before that, however, he spent some time at the home of organizer Jean-Stephane Camerini. That’s where “Davie G” was talked into playing the match.

French media reported that Ginola fainted during the competition. Doctors were immediately called and a helicopter was dispatched to the property. Perhaps it saved his life, because it turned out that the famous footballer had a heart attack.

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