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Why football players cover mouth?

Football players often cover their mouths with their hands or use other methods, such as pulling their jersey up over their mouths, to shield their communication and strategies from opponents and spectators. This practice is done to maintain secrecy and prevent lip-reading by opposing players or coaches. Here are a few reasons why football players may cover their mouths:

  1. Concealing Strategy: Players may discuss tactics, set pieces, or other sensitive information with their teammates on the field. By covering their mouths, they can ensure that their conversations remain confidential and opponents cannot overhear their plans.
  2. Avoiding Lip-Reading: Skilled lip-readers could potentially gain an advantage by deciphering what players are saying. Covering their mouths helps prevent opponents from reading their lips and understanding the instructions or discussions.
  3. Preventing Communication Breakdown: In a noisy and crowded stadium, it can be challenging for players to hear each other, even when they are nearby. Covering their mouths can help ensure that their verbal instructions or messages are accurately relayed to their teammates.
  4. Maintaining the Element of Surprise: Football is a tactical game, and coaches and players often want to maintain the element of surprise by keeping their strategies and instructions hidden from the opposition until the last possible moment.

It’s important to note that while this practice is common, it is not always foolproof, and some information may still be conveyed through non-verbal cues and body language. However, covering their mouths can be an additional layer of protection for teams looking to maintain a strategic advantage on the field.

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