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Why is Millwall hated?

Millwall FC gained a reputation as a club with a passionate and vocal fan base, but it also received a negative reception from some quarters, which contributed to a degree of resentment from fans of other clubs. Several factors contributed to this perception:

  • Historical incidents: Millwall have had a history of crowd troubles and hooliganism, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s. These incidents, while not representative of the entire fan base, have left a lasting impression.
  • Fan Stereotypes: Stereotypes of Millwall fans as aggressive and confrontational persist, perpetuated in the media and popular culture. However, this stereotype does not reflect the behavior of all Millwall supporters.
  • Geographic rivalry: Millwall’s location in south London has led to rivalry with other London clubs, contributing to the intensity of interaction with rival fans.
  • Chanting and behavior: Some controversial chants and behavior by Millwall fans during matches fueled negative sentiment. However, please remember that not all fans participate in such activities.

It is important to note that these observations do not apply universally, and many Millwall fans are die-hard supporters who do not engage in or tolerate negative behavior. In addition, the club has made efforts to address historical issues and improve its overall image. Negative perceptions often result from a combination of historical events, stereotypes, and regional rivalries.

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